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Natural Henna Bridal Kit

Natural Henna Bridal Kit

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Stay ready for your bridal appointments with our bridal kit!

10x Natural Henna Cones

2x Aftercare Henna Sealant

2x Aftercare Henna Oil


The essential oil we use in our Natural Henna is safe for the average person, however, due to inadequate published evidence to demonstrate evidence of safety it is NOT recommended for pregnant women, women that are breastfeeding and children below 10 years old. If you want to shop our Natural Henna, choose the 'Pregnant/ Breastfeeding/ Child-Friendly' option for blend options and we will make a custom blend for you using Lavender Essential Oil which is considered safe. Read more on our FAQ: Product > Pregnant Women & Children.



Always do a PATCH test before doing a bigger design. As for our Aftercare Henna products, patch test the product on a small area first. Even if you haven't had prior reactions, we may change our supplies/ ingredients without prior notice and the change in the product may or may not cause an effect on your skin. If you have any skin, fruit, any allergy/ conditions, the use of our products is not recommended. Jagua Gel & 100% Hengua is not recommended as Jagua Gel comes from the Jagua Fruit and 100% Hengua contains extracts from the Jagua Fruit. Our Aftercare Henna Oil is also derived from a fruit as well. If you are not sure if you’ll have an allergic reaction, be advised that not everyone can use Natural Henna/ Jagua Gel/ 100% Hengua without any complications/rashes although it is a natural product. For any unknown allergy/ skin condition on your end, if a reaction (immediate or delayed) were to happen we will not be liable.

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