Collection: Henna Aftercare

Care for your henna and it'll last!

Natural Henna & 100% Hengua lasts for about 7-11 days depending on your lifestyle, skin type and the amount of times you have contact with water. The Aftercare Sealant helps keep the henna paste on your skin for the desired amount of time to prevent it from drying and falling off while the Aftercare Oil product helps to moisturise your skin and prolong the henna stain, best to apply each time you have water contact.


Henna Aftercare

Precaution & Allergy

Please read our FAQs about taking precautions and potential allergic reactions when using Natural Henna, Jagua Gel & 100% Hengua. They can be found at 'Precaution & Allergy' and 'Pregnant Women & Children' under the Product tab in the FAQs menu. We want you to enjoy your henna experience and be duly informed before proceeding with a booking. Kindly also read the FAQs under the 'Booking Henna' tab. The information we provide is to the best of our knowledge.

Bridal Henna Guide

Design Layouts

If you've chosen Hourly Basis Package for your henna party, this will be made available where your guest may choose a designlayoutfor the Henna Artist to freestyle as no choosing of design is allowed int this package.