Salam! I'm Wardah

Wardah has been in love with henna for as long as she can remember. You'd be surprised but it wasn't love at first sight! In Wardah's witty words, she shared that it was when she was still developing a brain where she used to cry at the sight of henna as its complexities made her uncomfortable but maybe, she just couldn’t understand it yet. 

Today, Wardah admires wholeheartedly at how henna stains beautifully on the richest shades of skin! Adorning henna on one’s skin may just be the calmest therapeutic process, feeding her soul with its authentic scent. Truly one of many god's outstanding creations.

When Wardah 'met' henna again at the tender age of 9 with a whole new perspective, she felt reunited. This was the moment she knew henna was the love of her life. With this brand, she wishes to share that love with you!

Going about it on and off for years, Wardah has been doing henna for 16 years and professionally this past few years. She finally established 'STAINED By Wardah' after years of battling of self-doubt and uncertainty. Afraid that she wasn't able to stand out in a saturated market (and furthermore in the smallest country on earth), she's made it her mission to bring individuality into her business as she believes there's room for everyone to do henna but what sets one apart is her own uniqueness, how she presents herself  and the business.