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Have you heard of the Clove Steaming Method? It helps to warm up the temperature in your body and henna looooves warmth, thus, it helps the staining process.

How to use them:

Step 1: Place an empty pan on the stove on low heat

Step 2: Put a few pieces onto the pan (roughly half the bag)

Step 3: Once you can smell the aroma, hover your henna-fied hands over the pan. (DO NOT put too close as the heat may hurt your hands)

Step 4: Hover your hands over the pan for about 20 seconds (Repeat this step 3 times, with 10 sec intervals before repeating)



Clove Steaming method is only for when you apply NATURAL HENNA. Do not clove steam when you use Jagua Gel and 100% Hengua. Please do not touch the hot pan and/ or get too close to the pan as it may burn or scald your hands.


The Clove Steaming Method is to simply help the staining process, it is not a guaranteed method to darken you stains.


Approx. 6g per bag
Ingredients: Cloves

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