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100% Hengua Bulk Paste

100% Hengua Bulk Paste

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Our 100% Hengua Bulk Paste is curated with a creamy formula which makes it flow out smoothly even with the thinnest of cone tips! A unique mix of quality Henna powder and Jagua Fruit Extract that lets you safely achieve a dark & deep brown stain (possibly blackish brown depending on skin tone and time left on skin) without any harmful chemicals! 🌿🍈

100% Hengua stains the nails a light peach or dark red colour depending on the number of application and how long you leave it on.



Always do a PATCH test before doing a bigger design. As for our Aftercare Henna products, patch test the product on a small area first. Even if you haven't had prior reactions, we may change our supplies/ ingredients without prior notice and the change in the product may or may not cause an effect on your skin. If you have any skin, fruit, any allergy/ conditions, the use of our products is not recommended. Jagua Gel & 100% Hengua is not recommended as Jagua Gel comes from the Jagua Fruit and 100% Hengua contains extracts from the Jagua Fruit. Our Aftercare Henna Oil is also derived from a fruit as well. If you are not sure if you’ll have an allergic reaction, be advised that not everyone can use Natural Henna/ Jagua Gel/ 100% Hengua without any complications/rashes although it is a natural product. For any unknown allergy/ skin condition on your end, if a reaction (immediate or delayed) were to happen we will not be liable.


Approx: 150g
Ingredients: Body Art Quality Henna Powder, Essential Oil, Sugar, Jagua Fruit Extract

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